The parish of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church held its final Eucharist service on Christmas Day, December 25, 2015. After years of agonizing over the prospect of a declining church membership, the St. Andrew’s church will be closing its doors. Like our patron saint, we, the parish members are called to be fishers of our Christian beliefs, casting our individual lines into the wider community as we reestablish our faith within the Poughkeepsie-Mid Hudson, NY area.

St Andrew’s evolved out of the determined spirit of Christians to build a church by merging smaller missions that were advancing and declining in membership. It is again in this cycle of pruning and growth that we, the parish members, are charged with the task of merging with parishioners of other Mid-Hudson Episcopalian church communities. We are grateful for the communion of spirits (past and present) over the years. We will continue to be bound together as Christians in our belief in the Holy Scripture that connects us to Jesus and his teachings. However, due to declining membership, we have to make the tough decision of deconsecrating the physical entity of the St. Andrews Church.

The deconsecration service will be held on January 17, 2015 at 4:00 PM with a reception to follow. Anyone wishing to attend who has not already been contacted may call Marie Hof (845-452-3416) or e-mail for a reservation.

We will continue to pursue our faith and belief in the Episcopal Church through our smaller missions as individuals and small groups.